PT. Besmindo Materi Sewatama is an Indonesian leading company specialized in sales, rental and services of oilfield equipment. We aim to deliver a one stop shop service to cater customer’s needs.

Tubular Sales and Rental

Besmindo Materi Sewatama specializes in selling and renting drill pipe strings, collars, tubing, and casing, maintaining a diverse and well-stocked inventory. Their downhole equipment, sourced from reputable manufacturers, offers excellent traceability and is serviced by affiliated API workshops across seven countries. Clients benefit from timely access to quality tools, ensuring efficient well work activities.

Drilling and Workover Services

Besmindo Materi Sewatama specializes in advanced drilling and workover rigs for the global oil and gas industry. Our rigs, featuring self-propelled units and API portable guyed masts, ensure high performance and safety. We prioritize our people's well-being as our top asset, focusing on safety, efficiency, and quality. Committed to timely deliveries, we aim to provide exceptional services worldwide.

Rig Maintenance and Spare Parts

Our OEM engineers, affiliated with the rig manufacturer SJ Petro Rig in China, are strategically located close to our clients, ensuring 24/7 standby availability for maintenance of drilling and workover rigs. This proximity enables swift and efficient after-sales service, with a distribution network positioned near clients' operations for the timely delivery of spare parts and equipment, ensuring the rigs remain in excellent condition.

Workover Supporting Equipment

PT. Besmindo Materi Sewatama provides sales and rental of various types of brands for supporting drilling and work over activity.

Light Vehicle Rentals

Our Light vehicles rentals division provides various types of light vehicle, with or without drivers. The light vehicle rental business lies in the commitment to give the best quality of services to all of our customers.


PT. Besmindo Materi Sewatama strives for top-notch service and HSE excellence through teamwork and continuous improvement.


Think, Stop, Report: Plan and assess risks, halt unsafe work, report incidents immediately for a safer workplace.

Protocol Covid-19

PT. Besmindo Materi Sewatama prioritizes COVID-19 safety through symptom checks, masks, distancing, quarantine, and facility disinfection.